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"That We Govern for Freedom"
RuL Model Ruler replaced the five finger light representation for display on 9/4/2016

"Oceans and Atmospheres"
This is important, because both angles presented are the result of the point. Like some materials can make things look invisible, or to float, or to live for millions of years and more... the composition of the point and how it interacts with with either rule, is observed. As part of a government, the sun, planet, and moon is the larger rule i live near and am influenced by, including conditions of the land and environments depicting how we live. When referring to life, the life also live inside that observation of rule, specifically light and shadows of the solar system and star, among other considerations, and with some characteristic stating they are a point mass, perhaps individual, or of some construction. When comparing governments, some men imagine that one person is in charge of all the land, and in some places, the people state they are the government of themselves. One rule is not imagined among the paperwork of men and the naming of territory among nations. The observation of the point rule here, alleges the pearl rule and shadow rule is not god, and the trees and flocks on earth are also individual points that live with a rule I can understand with simplicity, enough to live my life according to. When other animals, and like the woods, allege they rule an area, it is one thing to say i serve, and another to be able to prove it according to measure and action. The point rule can be with a reference to mass and rule interaction, and it is not easily defined, even where a mass or rule is known for observation at some location. To allege the natural rule is a concern, is statement according to known survivable conditions, and where when measured against, i can now show natural over long periods of time, i can also encourage a measure of comparison for survival without space suit or special clothing. The comparison for reference to a wrong statement, is the observation of a man on the moon or perhaps under water and scuba diving, without a suit when stating the natural pearl of the planet is a point of natural measure including wherever i might visit. Some rule is deadly, and some rule can be life giving. In situations where too much energy is applied, it can make a person not well, or where the government is over bearing... it can be deadly or harmful less for qualified persons. For each of the flocks, perhaps insects, amphibians, and more, we are individuals and each the point rule of our self and flesh where environment does not dictate otherwise. My actions can be seen without camouflage, refers to the light a person reflects naturally from their skin or clothes. For a man to be closest to the continuum, he must be naked, reflecting the light of the skin, and not embarrassed wearing unneeded clothes in some environments.

Pearl Angle:
Shade Angle:

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P|4 Point marker increment numerical is 4; Each l 1ength is a length of light added to the 0|P|0 (point); [t]; it took time in some space to bring the point into existence; and [e] energy for the point to emit some light; inside a known or unknown l or e |0 relative to P.

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