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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Government of anArch: Management
As with any government, there is a perspective of several possible authorities; The land on which the government is built, the person as they interpret some law relative to self, and that of some authority with a lot of words written about managing the self relative to others as some agreement that is either original or inherited among that group.

Two perspectives offered, Government of an Arch and the Government of self. The first indicates tools and guiding principles to measure my actions near the construction of a government in/on one territory or an other. The other declares a natural freedom and identifies how to argue with such principles. The causes for separation are the problematic portions of competing governments in the same land and the weapons they deploy against one another and those person of. In the USA, there are states, counties, belief, and more, and where Each is guided by planet, and where actions are measured comparing the RULE.

Fellow Practical Inquiry and Statement
Categorical Management to be ammended and better stated as understood over a period of time. Not official yet, these for considerations and further refinement.
  • Authorizations. (draft) : "During the course of events among men, it becomes necessary to establish that agency to serve the defense of the people, to inquire those actions of other men against our community, and to challenge it with innovation and use of force necessary, to retain our status as free men endowed by the gods with natural liberty, and forgiven those actions in defense of. Established of a "self government" among individuals in the united states; that it is earned the right to govern, among men who consent to be governed. Establishing a form of government, is inclusive hereof as "the individual," and wholly of the individuals at some perspective, and their actions with support of contribution.
  • During the course of human events, it becomes necessary the establishment, and empowerment of agency among individual, derived not of other men, but that of the planet, the observation and interpretation as indisputable her capable demonstrated expertise over time indicating the required parameters for maintaining the survival of a people and flock for several hundred millions years and more, where empowering the individual to act according to an interpreted authority higher than the nations, is natural perspective to, our creator as earth."
  • The agencies of an Ark : During the course of humans events, it becomes necessary to recognize those agencies of an Ark, a perspective at position of an earth, garden, and moon, whom have ruled as our planet since before men. Our planet, whom has earned place among other planets, and rule by the star is deduced and interpreted by intelligence of men, and where no name is officially known or recognized as "with name" vocalized by mankind prior to man. Rather, a careful observation of proven already among capable men, discerning of energy environment, of innovation from the tree of knowledge, and other developments discover if requiring observation, and with that need to challenge such as discovered not in accordance with that already established. Where, research and recognition of necessary authority by earth, called GAIA and GAEA, or establish with other name describing "planet," to derive an interpretation of rule indicating action by men in accordance with such argument among the GPS position of each individual interpreting among or for, themselves and that defense of territory. Where these characters spelling GAIA or GAEA, assemble a name, and where the use of any international or domestic character set and name or pronouncing describing the same as planet, is the absolute authority over mankind, with or without name, enabling or granting environment to survive, and with intelligence discerning among men whom interpreting that example, for recognition of the proper course for our people whom have eaten from that tree, as established not by men, but by a planet whom has shown already successful conditions.
  • The warnings and guidance for the individual : It is known, that among men whom ate from that tree of knowledge, we would be asked to leave the garden, or we would die by the use of that technology, understood as the only crime god recognized as reason delivered to men, for his own creation, to leave the garden, construction derived from the consumption of that fruit. And thus, we have been taught the use of rockets, ot surviving in space by confining ourselves away from dangerous energy to our survival and that radiation, taught before the assault begins and given recourse to choose. That someday men might find another planet, or surface to survive on, where their modified genome might perhaps, not attempt to harm deliberately that creator planet, after settling on it.
  • During the course of human events, it is necessary that we acknowledge our creator+ whom has been alive continuously several billions years, and is the life of the garden planet, whom from dust men were born and our construction the consequence of encounter over millennia's and more, like our planet and moon, is also from dust and star; that among territories and gods, we acknowledge the capable teaching to become shepherds of the gardens and her flocks, as service to our creator here. And someday, that creator somewhere else, on another planet or planetary surface, should men be capable of surviving so long.
  • Of man and monkey; it is estimated one percent of an instruction set that made the difference.
Compelling Reasons
  • Those reasons compelling separation as a consenting individual, must be enumerated, among them are the obvious disrespect for life among men and flock, in a nation valuing natural and life as a prosperity agreement as exhibited by the nation of which I reside. Among these reasons are the deliberate use of viral weapons to affect the birds, the deliberate use of viral weapons to affect the pigs, the deliberate siege with poisons on the creatures of the gardens flocks, the use of gases and other nerve agents to affect the people across swaths of land; and whilst posing a challenge to the people that we raise an army to defend our communities, and the flocks of this garden, from those soldiers whom once, we suggested the defense of the land.
  • The reasons compelling separation, and with such separation remaining an American hinging on the declaration of independence for this individual, some v at perspective, where I reside near the point and with dispute, arguing invariably the same object, her garden and the life as among those protected things in a natural nation, where natural law is endowed by creator so is the flock, including, but not limited to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That as usurper of our trusts, including the Vote, and that civil or military defense that we must pay, to have the same person we pay discontinue their assault on our towns, cities, and states; the targeting of the children in the classrooms by weapons deployed in the ground to make sick, crazy, or kill, and like the weapon in the skies deployed by planes, the use of weapons against the churches of various beliefs, again entitled to such belief as a resident of the nation, among spiderweb deploying mimics of gods flocks, you could chase instead. We want you chase a plane with a plane, and instead sending 102 sorties at a mosquito biting a civilian.

Work done for the government perspective of construction, an arch, by Fellow Michael. 2015 to 2018.