Government of an Ark 2015-2018+ Fellows
Fellow of Continuum Government, Seat
Star 1: Ra, Sun
Planet 3: Earth
Territory: Florida
Michael J. Marley
an Arch of illumuel
light representation A lifetime commitment to GoA by Fellows, made at the alter producing continuum data of the trees and flock on earth and in space, might not be listed here, and it is not a requirement to have "name" made known or recognized among others for their service and contribution. Our service is to the heavens, gardens, and arch of planetary creations; to the elders of this garden, the gods, and servants of the garden planet. I was raised by my family as a Catholic; I found god understanding the natural ARK; I am an Ark Catholic. Fellow is earned; I am originator of magical Practice Visu and Holography; Discovered purpose for a hand tool, that is not electronic, that serves the health of the community; Among other achievement benefiting a Perspective Belief.

Time Light Relativity and QuanTunnel, Owner Founder Michael Marley, Fellow