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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Government of anArchy

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The Government of Anarchy
Who Governs anArchy?
  • The self, the individual.
  • The group, with a group leader among many or few.
  • A company of soldiers or men, with a leader; whom without nothing would get done.
  • A police officer might suggest they govern anArchy among their communities. When a citizen complains of domestic violence, or asks for help, these men might help to govern a situation to avoid loss of life.
  • A crime organization might also suggest they govern anArchy among their own. These men often take what was a disassembled group of criminals, and impose a form of justice of their own, enabling the operation of an organization.
  • A government of one type of another might also suggest they govern anArchy among their territory or territories. These men, of some government of another, might allege they govern everyone, some governments with trillions of dollars, attempting to control or direct the actions of free men with policy.
  • A church might suggest they govern the anArchy of morals among men. Alleging some heaven or hell the result of action, and presenting a right way to live that might encourage longevity of life. These places often offer forgiveness for the gods among men, as representative of a belief having achieved communication among the spirits.
  • A team with a team leader.
  • The director of Film.
  • An artist, of materials, color, or other artistry.
  • And more! What do you think about the government of anarchy? This topic is one of four foundations for the elluminous and the hiearchial presentation of government construction and rule, indicated on the american dollar bill.
  • The government of anarchy particpates with
  • The Government of anarchy offers also the presentation for the compass of Shadow Government, indicated under the tools section of government of anArch.

Learn how we are Governing an Archy of Florida.

This work is consistently being amended, and might change as information becomes available, edited, corrected, and presented while we build.

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