What im doing is fielding this topic and asking others while developing a real government... how should this be presented using the forms of media modern man enjoy.

The Government of Anarchy, is currently working to develop the observation of what the government of anarchy, really is. As part of this development, multiple scenes of some construct of "reality movie" blend the truths of investigation, and who really is the bad or good guy. This DVD series, is good anarchy series, but is not affiliated with this presentation, as owned, distributed, or otherwise assessed some relation that is not pure to topic. This web site project might depict a real government reality movie. With what is alternative anarchy presentations for civilians working among groups, or FBI, NSA or CIA Agents working to topple foriegn governments, or domestic military organizations, criminal enterprise, or perhaps gangs. There is a presenation of purity, among foriegn intelligence and domestic intelligence and liguistic tactics, perhaps attempting to topple insurgency, and more... doing what anarchist do best, destroy things or prefer self governments. We follow Anarchists who govern the deconstruction of a criminal or military organizations, alledging hey are federal or other agents, and watch them work... even with personal problems, with some purist of reaonsing, anarchy, alledging anything but the classic anarchist agenda. What really do anarchists deconstruct, or govern the deconstruction of as professionals, is also another observation.

In this series, multiple forign countries and their corporations, involve the intelligence of their nations. British petroleum and british insurgency, german engineering and berlin monitoring, vs nsa observations, saudi scud weapons, and other war time agendas of insurgency... filming occasionally reaql events... and follwoing the men governing the deconstruction of insurgency... corrupt police or politicians, stolen lands, and weapons movements, criminal cooperation, and more. For what reason do we govern anarchy, and for whose benefit do we present the fall of a thing, or to cause it to fall as police or citizens, or perhaps, governing perspective to fix it.

The group presentation here, has filmography directed by a typical reality movies since 2010, and in this situation, perhaps federal agents, militaries, convicts, aledged criminals, and more... the government of anarchy, might resemble police work, or government work, or a government for anarchy (men who seriously do not want more government), or other interpretations, some might believe it is god or the devil. This work is exploring the interplay among these groups and presenting them as a website project, helping me to develop the content and movie and audio presenations. The reality movie here, just like any real or other criminal or presenation... is not all truth, or all falsity. Project, resource, uses for reality or other filmography, and duplicate acting scenes for audio or requirements for real world situations. (sort of)