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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Government of anArch

The star exist before our planet. The planet and moon exist before me. I am my own self government, like other independent animals, on a dependent plane. I am an individual. I am a tradesmen. I am a student. I am a Teacher. I am a scientist and businessman. I am a fellow, creative, and so much more. The Government of anArch is the management of freedom and self according to my own experience and education, the construction of my belief and understanding for time and measurement of the garden planet area where I live, and the star and moon that are our guiding lights.
At this perspective, A natural rule is learned about, and where each individual has their own continuum of information reflected from the skin, and of which some are master. I work to earn my navigation prowess as a fellow among the topics of information encountered while I live and work.
Of my belief, it is learned that the RULE of the continuum does not lie regarding the information that it carries to some distance, and from this a truth of action and speech has measure. For some points like stars, that information of light in the continuum travels hundreds of millions of light years into space, and indicating all the things the data still reveals of some time and that point position in space.
An oath of anARK With the hand raised to the book of records (a uLINE in motion) in the time light continuums, an oath is sworn; to serve a natural RULE. That the continuum of information will not reveal a deviation of my own statement of action from that data the continuums carry away from my self as record to the universe, and where affirmed. That with measure, the RULE is discovered present when the planet bore the garden, and then the flocks; a truth of mom and dad.
It is important to note, that the absence of the Y is indicated, specific to the government of an Arch.

Visit the First domain erected to represent an Elluminous Organization; Michael is a Fellow.

Hand symbol resembles |Marker for
record Time with Energy and Light.
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P|4 Point marker increment numerical is 4; Each l 1ength is a length of light added to the 0|P|0 (point); [t]; it took time in some space to bring the point into existence; and [e] energy for the point to emit some light; inside a known or unknown l or e |0 relative to P.

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