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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Government of anArchy

Celebrating 4 Years on the Internet and as part of the RULE spectrum of data leaving earth!

As part of development at The government of anARCH I am developing from the ground up these methods for discussing individual government, science, and belief in the United States and among other nations of the same object, our natural garden planet and her ecosystems, environments, and life. This work is used to argue natural law, as discerned from a rule/RULE measurement and proven natural over long periods of time in America or any other nation where we reside. If your belief is as an Ark catholic, or an Ark Muslim, or an Ark Tribal, these are designed to help you understand where to argue natural within the legal framework of your own territory or nations. It is a needed defense among some territories or nations, and argued while early presented, directly from natural measurement and the consequences of exposure when they are deliberate, and more.

The Government of anArchy was purchased from the humans and their Internet systems by a man, established for .99 cents (coin.goa value equivalent exchange of 99 copper coated pieces of zinc @ 2.5 grams a piece), and offered availability world wide and among solar orbit by data access satellites!

Both domain and dominion have multiple related meanings. In both cases, it is the subject of control by a ruler, or under the jurisdiction of someone or something. While both can refer to the territory over which one has control, dominion also refers to the act or process control itself. This was sold by human manufactured technology and with sole rights to presentation and development across billion of earth residents with cell phone, computers, and television watches; and added functionality across that infrastructure. This 3.96 cents is bound inside 4 seals to be made and stored demonstrating my required transfer of weight to complete the transaction, where equivalence was met, presenting a perspective as permitted for such presentation on that same human technology having a sole permission among men to edit or occupy such dominion among their societies... and as summed to a place somewhere on earth, in a hole, doing what metals do in the dirt, for such a period of time. These four seals representative of the government of a natural planet (an ark), the government of a spark (an arc), the government of an arch (of construction), and the government of anarchy (of self and of environmental (natural) intelligence), those undiscovered seals have not been added yet.

The government of Anarchy
Who Governs anArchy?
  • A police officer might suggest they govern anArchy among their communities. When a citizen complains of domestic violence, or asks for help, these men might help to govern a situation to avoid loss of life.
  • A crime organization might also suggest they govern anArchy among their own. These men often take what was a disassembled group of criminals, and impose a form of justice of their own, enabling the operation of an organization.
  • A government of one type of another might also suggest they govern anArchy among their territory or territories. These men, of some government of another, might allege they govern everyone, some governments with trillions of dollars, attempting to control or direct the actions of free men with policy.
  • A church might suggest they govern the anArchy of morals among men. Alleging some heaven or hell the result of action, and presenting a right way to live that might encourage longevity of life. These places often offer forgiveness for the gods among men, as representative of a belief having achieved communication among the spirits.
Our government is complicated beyond what is stated here, and this fellow believes in self government.

This fellow is now working among the space between nations. Learn more by visiting Some construction can not be governed easily; When referenced is the construction of the self as flesh and spirit, or the construction of the stars and planet, or even that of the RULE described as piece of the theory of relativity, some construction just is. The government of anArchy is established to govern the conditions of anArchy lead extreme losses of life for men or animals and bugs, and where men of our state and federal government are incapable, or belief has them ignore a problem they are unable to solve or comprehend as mortals.

Learn about an Ark Elluminous Organization.

Learn how we are Governing anarchy of conflict in Florida.

This work is consistently being amended, and might change as information becomes available, edited, corrected, and presented while we build.

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These documents are still under construction, do not complain about early access to these topics without proposing a solution.

P|4 Point marker increment numerical is 4; Each l 1ength is a length of light added to the 0|P|0 (point); [t]; it took time in some space to bring the point into existence; and [e] energy for the point to emit some light; inside a known or unknown l or e |0 relative to P.

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