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"That We Govern for Freedom"
RuL Model Ruler replaced the five finger light representation for display on 9/4/2016

"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Government of anarch


Establishment of the continuums governments among men. From each point can exist an unknown to infinite number of information continuums. That we establish the second continuum of information, with Government of anArk, ruled by the planet, as discovered through Time Light Research. This planet rules the continuums closest to flock and ecosystems, and from this position, I can see the continuums of other stars and planets at some perspective, when information is available.

"Let there be Light."

Forum Government of anArch and Representative Forum The Government of anArch is a representative government spanning the territory and across borders. Those representatives of this argumentative forum are designated for discussion addressing publicly those considerations among men and management which are generally useful for politicians and other representative elected or designated professionals who require proper, and accurate, intelligence to do their job, make decisions, and serve a given territorial government and those citizens as informed about world events. Perspective which is close to, or away from, the topic of anArchy as presented, and observed, whilst governing among those conditions, are the expectations of this forum. As representative within such a designated structure, each is asked to keep the topic of consideration about the topic of consideration. It is our intent to govern for freedom preserving el, a natural order. That freedom for flocks and ecosystem is not debatable.
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Of Construction: Natural Government of anArchy and Logic. My position for argument at this forum, is measure of Time and distance; this was placed on the angle near to a bird, of this presentation, representing time and light and with an angle hand tool. This measure, I use also for navigation among stars and points around them, and to understand what I see. I use this to observe the events related to a point. This is a piece of the model I use when evaluating logic for a solution. Position with consent to be Governed by a RuLe. Assembling the first Observations of government of anarch, the topic is inside the center sphere, PMTM rule shown on time light relativity. The Ruler takes the shape of what is put inside of it, and the markers at distance also take that shape. A perspective at distance, the an, for such an observation of arch, is plural adding y. The perspective of the word is either close to, or at distance from, the observation, and the "an" is either close to, or away from the point; anARK or ARK. A time is correlated with the marker transformed to look like the observation, and to accurately use 0|p|0 with an equal increment distance for the marker observations having a infinite spacial dimension at perspective, or just one inward observation. The events related to this topic having the transform model applied, are always, because of the continuum, in motion away from the observation with both radio and light. I sit at "an" distance from the point to make the observation. More markers have the same transform shape, and the increment distance on the rule, is designated as 1 for each same marker observation, adjusted for ease of observation. The equation, uses mirror markers to suggest light passed between them of a known increment. Moving around the topic, I have drawn a triangle, of which can be traversed at any speed with perspective of the point. The data along this triangle can be distinguished as time related because of the rule and equation. Of these observations, related to the point... I can move around the topic and understand the construction of the transform and make accurate time based observations from my perspective. With this model, I can find correlation in the real universe around me, as it relates to the point. This PMTM is in motion, both in space, and in time. This motion also is understood while gathering data from the topic, having a transform model and with motion. The point here, is not considered good or bad... and all observed references have physical dimensions in real space to events from the point. These are of the same time, but do not have similar data. The ruler model, and the equation, is both two dimensional and three dimensional relating to an observation of a picture or real thing. The "an" position is used to understand a topic, and build the observation of government. Time and light are observed by the ruler, and also radio. This data from the point is what is observed at distance, and within it, are those events I work with. The continuum understood with an RuL model. (Still being amended) The seat are arranged on marker positions around the point surface.

A Law of self government, a separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God we are entitled.

The Government of Anarchy The Government of anARk, considers the Planet, this point and our position near our star Ra (sun) and relative to others, the ARK of Life. We protect the Ark, with our belief and actions as part of our service to the gods and heavens of this garden. A person of our group will use a natural interaction and argument relative to each other territorial rule, and depending on where we might work to serve; that argument which helps us achieve our goals. When considering Arch, those champions for defense of the garden and flock, find their service to the gods is rewarded with a chance to survive the flesh; and perhaps assisted by the angels we serve. Our goal is not to usher in "anarchy," rather to preserve the peace during these chaotic times, and with defense of the points, flocks, and animals taught to be shepherds of other flock. For this group, an is a perspective of some construction, named or otherwise. Our service to this garden if found by scientifically understanding the condition gods and planet have shown us proper for his development of our point and flocks (Energy modeling with TLR concepts is useful for management), and rule to be as close to those conditions as already shown. For Go Anarchy, damage to flock, point, and environment, is a deadly choice made by those men of the opposition. Where did we find god? I found god understanding the age of environment, the point, and the age of the gods relative to; and more. That perhaps the universe made trees and the dinosaurs, among the flock. That the gods are older than any man speaking today. That my service, is to the heavens and this point, and creation; taught to be shepherds, we are shepherds of more the just sheep; but also all flock we are capable of defense for, preserving diversity in a natural environment. A service to the heavens and gardens, achieving favor as a champion, results in a chance to become an arch angel through that service, a spirit of construction similar to our own. Management by Planet Direction for management according to planet and examples already proven sustainable, is discovered by understanding the planets energy environment, other observations, and natural over spans of more than 1 million years. Men have walked for a million years with a certain condition, and recently added more radio to that container, among other energy. When asked, what road men should walk to see a road that is a million years long to the future, the answer was found near a natural energy container and other natural observations. Our service at GoA, manages back to what is already shown successful for the development of man and flock, and by the point and gods, over a period of time greater than that of our own lifespans. Managing a "deviation" from natural is difficult to distinguish among intelligent peoples, and thus self government with a freedom of "belief" is observed. The actions moralized among men by anArk, are the fruits of that always bearing tree, technology. We will use this logic to argue of a court, the defense of the garden, and relative to other points on the time line. For this argument, the government of anarchy, is loosely interpreted "governing a perspective of construction." (the "an" model is not entirely understood on this date, and is with spatial dimensions in three or more dimensions around a point "of construction" named after the "an;" anArk, is interpreted loosely as at some "perspective of the ark," and argued among other perspectives. Forum Seats Arch Government (In Development) Your seat is earned, You must work. A volunteer is required to "figure it out." Volunteer Service Arch (In Development) Volunteer to work, research, and write for your an Arch! Send an email to with interest or contribution to be included here!

Divina Naturalis: The Divine Naturals an Document for GoA The trees and ecosystems were here before men. What really is divine, it is that among and from which men were born. Does deconstruction require men to tear down what is harmful to environment, and innovate intelligently for preservation of what is natural? How do we moralize right or wrong technology, manage to what god and planet has shown us already successful for development of point environment, flock and man, and where men are naturally capable of building tools for one purpose or an other. PEARL Management an Framework for GoA A sustainable ecosystemic method to manage planet earth for a million and more years among men and flocks. This method originates from ToTLR PEARL research at and describes a method for political managers and citizens to make decisions in accordance with proven already sustainable planetary needs among so many inhabitants, achieve deconstruction with innovation, and that will not alter the orbit of the planet with the use of consumer electronics, weapons, and delivery mechanisms. onSEA OnSEA an ARK NAVY "On Sea, On Sea" with Salute. A naval Greeting meaning "on the water and in the terrestrial skies and non terrestrial space among the planets and stars." A reference to flight among the (PMTM)x Continuums, is "on C on C." Service Volunteers, Commitments. Fellows
This intelligent self government organization, has an earned perspective within its rank. Like all of the elluminous works in early development for presentation of anark, any person can offer their talent, their expertise, their service, in that way they find best serves this Garden planet, as a champion, scholar, activist, practitioner, observer, ..., or in that way their skill best provides for continued service. Point and Environment is where we live, life is what we are, luminated on a u line, our service perspective is earned.

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record Time with Energy and Light.
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These documents are still under construction, do not complain about early access to these topics without proposing a solution.

P|4 Point marker increment numerical is 4; Each l 1ength is a length of light added to the 0|P|0 (point); [t]; it took time in some space to bring the point into existence; and [e] energy for the point to emit some light; inside a known or unknown l or e |0 relative to P.

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